Altering GADDATA SQL Collection journal management journal

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Post by adellutri » Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:07 pm
Hi, we run Go Anywhere on an IBM i with i5/OS 7.1. We have recently migrated to the DB2 version of Go Anywhere. As part up this upgrade process, a library/SQL collection GADDATA was created. We would like to replicate this library to another server as part of our DR solution.

The replication we have planned requires that all files/tables/views be journaled, and connected to remote journals. The tables/views in GADDATA are all journaled by GADDATA/QSQJRN *JRN. However, we already have another SQL collection FLRCG, and this collection/schema/library also has FLRCG/QSQJRN *JRN, which connected to a remote journal on our DR system.

Due to the way our replication works, it would be helpful if we did not have two journals both named QSQJRN. Therefore, do you think it would be OK to change the schema GADDATA to use another journal, for instance QSQJRD, or something? Do you think that if we made this change the operation of the Go Anywhere product would be compromised? Or would it be OK?


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Post by Support_Jon » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:28 pm
Changing the GADDATA to use another journal should not cause any problems at all, and would not compromise the database.

Thanks - Jon
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