are user accounts associated with underlying OS

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Post by stephen » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:33 am
is it possible to get this assumption from our tech group confirmed

Our assumption is that any user accounts that are created for access to manage or use Go Anywhere are accounts that are managed by the application itself. They are not accounts that would be associated with the underlying OS (Windows). As such, these accounts would not be part of Active Directory when we make the server part of the Domain for server management.




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Post by Support_Rick » Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:55 am

From within GoAnywhere Director under the Security Menu, you have the option to Configure your Logins. From that page, you can click on the Blue "?" next to the page header to get the details of the following:

Change Login Configuration

By default, GoAnywhere Director authenticates user passwords against its own database. Optionally you can configure GoAnywhere Director to authenticate user passwords against a Windows Active Directory, Generic LDAP, or an IBM i (iSeries) server, in which the user passwords will not be maintained in the GoAnywhere Director database.

This means that you can utilize any of the listed options for user credentials to manage passwords.

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