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Post by Markus_a » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:53 am
Hi, when reading about different brands and logos in the help section, I got the impression that we could use different logos depending on which of our partners are connecting.

We have two brands, and some of our partners are uploading files to both of our brands trough the https service.
We have created two different brands for the HTTPS-service, but is there a way to say if a webuser belongs to domain A, then show brand A, and B fo B.
I don't seem to find any information of how to set this in the help, just how I set a default for both domains.

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Post by Support_Philip » Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:49 pm
Currently a Web Client Brand is assigned to a particular HTTPS listener within GoAnywhere MFT. This means that if you would like User A to only access Web Client Brand A then you would only give them access to that address(example: In this instance there would be no reason for the user to know that they could access Web Client Brand B through another address(example:
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