Can I have multiple installs of GoAnywhere on one system?

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Post by Support_Ron » Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:39 am
Yes, you can have multiple installs of GoAnywhere running on one system. However, please keep the following things in mind when installing another copy:
  • Choose a different installation directory for each install
  • Specify different ports for each install.
  • If installing to a System i then each install must use a different library.
  • If installing to a Windows server, make sure to specify a different Service Name for each install.
Be advised that projects created using a newer version may not work on an older version. For example, A project that is created in version 2.0 with tasks or elements unique to 2.0 will not work on 1.6.x.

Please check with your Sales representative at Linoma Software to ensure you are licensed to install more than one copy of GoAnywhere.
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