Can I set GoAnywhere to run just one concurrent job?

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Post by Support_Duane » Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:27 am
To set GoAnywhere to run only one submitted project at a time, do the following:
  • Move the cursor over the Administration menu.
  • Select the Global Setting menu option.
  • Under Global Settings click on the Runtime tab
  • Change the Maximum pool size to 1.
  • Click the save button.
  • Restart GoAnywhere.

Note: This will only limit projects that are submitted in batch mode. It is still possible to run multiple projects concurrently by executing them interactively. i.e. If the [Execute Project] button of a project is clicked while another project is running in batch, it would be possible to have both projects running.

For information on how to stop & start GoAnywhere view the following topic: ... &t=35&p=35
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