Considering an upgrade to GoAnywhere MFT? (Q&A)

View some of the Frequently Asked Questions to our support staff. Included are some tips and tricks making this forum ideal for users getting started with GoAnywhere MFT. Note: Users can reply to existing topics but only our support staff can add new topics to this forum.
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If you haven't seen the Customer Webinar on upgrading to GAMFT, we encourage you to view this and the Q&A below.


I haven't upgraded to GADirector 4.7 yet, can I upgrade to MFT 5.0?
Yes, but you will have to apply any upgrades necessary to get to version 4.7 first. Then, from 5.01, there is an upgrade to 5.3.x where x is the latest patch for the version.
How can I check the currently installed GoAnywhere Services/Director edition?
In the page title on the browser it should show a number like 4.7.0. It's also displayed via the Help/About menu within each product. The ‘edition’ will not show up there though – just the version. The edition relates to how you purchased GoAnywhere – whether it was specific modules or if you purchased a bundle.
Is it possible to upgrade to GoAnywhere MFT with no downtime?
In order to do an upgrade, the service (both for Director and Services) must be stopped. So there is no way to upgrade without downtime. To make sure that the downtime is as short as possible, be sure to remove any numeric “backup” folders out of the install directory. When the upgrade runs, it backs up the entire install directory so you can downgrade if you need to. Once you have a run a few upgrades, you’ll see backup 2, backup 3, etc. so removing the older backups cuts down on the total upgrade time because these numbered backup folders will not be backed up after you removed them. Once the upgrade is complete you can then combine Director and services with no further downtime.
What is the upgrade process from GoAnywhere Director and GoAnywhere Services (each having their own database) to GoAnywhereMFT which appears to have a single database?
The documentation on how to upgrade and optionally merge the two products into GoAnywhere MFT license is available via our Customer Portal. The merging of both products is an optional decision, as you can keep 2 GoAnywhere MFT instances, 1 licensed with Director’s functionality and the other licensed with Services’ functionality. MFT reduces the need for multiple instances of the application, so everything can be managed from a single interface.

Once logged in to the Customer Portal, select Product Downloads from the main menu. Choose your product (GoAnywhere MFT) and operating system, and then agree to the License Agreement. The upgrade software and upgrade guides are located in the Upgrades pane at the bottom of the page. Select the appropriate guide for your current installation:
  • GoAnywhere Director Upgrade Guide - This guide contains instructions on how to upgrade GoAnywhere Director to GoAnywhere MFT.
  • GoAnywhere Services Upgrade Guide - This guide contains instructions on how to upgrade GoAnywhere Services to GoAnywhere MFT.
Do I have to have a Permanent Key to upgrade to MFT5.03?
No. We recommend that you use an Evaluation Key to complete your upgrade. Then, we can update your key to permanent once the upgrade is complete.
Is the Java plug-in for the HTTPS web-client replaced by HTML 5?
No. The java applet is still available, but not as useful since the new upgrade includes drag and drop uploads, multi-file downloads, etc.
When upgrading to GoAnywhere MFT, do I have to reinstall Security Certificates?
No. Your security certificates would remain the same.
Are FIPS 140-2 ciphers included or an additional expense?
FIPS 140-2 ciphers are now included in GoAnywhere MFT at no cost.
Are there any updates to the GACMD command as we have some existing RPG programs that launch a GoAnywhere Project?
We did add promote and import actions to it but the changes to GACMD were minor so it should not affect how Projects are launched from RPG.
We’re on 3.50 of GoAnywhere Director. What do I need to do to upgrade to GoAnywhere MFT?
You will need to follow the major version upgrades back-to-back. The upgrade documentation lists out these steps for you. You can access the upgrade doc via the Customer Portal. Under Upgrades in the product downloads section, you can see the upgrade path for your version to the most recent version of MFT

You will need to follow the major version upgrades back-to-back. The upgrade documentation lists out these steps for you. You can access the upgrade doc via the .
What ICAP solutions did you test with GoAnywhere MFT?
Clearswift DLP/AV solutions as well as Symantec
Can we develop our own dashboard gadgets?
Not currently. If you have ideas on what you would like to see as a gadget, let our Support Group know.
I see mention of a new module (add-in?) called GoDrive, is this included in the GA MFT upgrade? Are there additional costs associated with this?
GoDrive is our new file collaboration module that is similar to cloud based file sharing services except GoDrive is on-premise so you have complete control of the files and the associated security of them. We are providing a fully functional 10 user license of GoDrive at no cost. When you upgrade, the 10 user GoDrive license will be enabled. Technical support is not provided for it though unless you pay to license the base module. If you’d like a price quote for more than 10 users, let our Sales Group know.
If we were to opt out of the upgrade to GA-MFT, will we still be able receive support? Will there will be any fixes going forward?
The final release of GoAnywhere Director (version 4.7) will be supported by Linoma Software up until December 31, 2016. Patches may be provided for critical issues found in version 4.7 of GoAnywhere Director up until that time. However, depending on the nature of the issue, you may be required to upgrade to GoAnywhere MFT to receive a patch.
Will the issuance of this new license key invalidate our current license key? More than likely, we will update in the next 30 days, but our current release (4.7.0) needs to remain operational until that time.
When you upgrade to GoAnywhere MFT, version 4.7 will no longer be available. If you need to have 4.7 available too, then I’d recommend creating a temporary copy of your existing installation and upgrading it. Once you’ve fully tested it, run the upgrader on the Production license.
Will there any associated costs with migrating to Go Anywhere MFT? What will the yearly maintenance costs be?
There is no cost for you to upgrade to GoAnywhere MFT (GAMFT). It is included as part of your annual maintenance. We did add a new optional module though that you can choose to license called Advanced Reporting. You can test it out and let our Sales Group know if you’d like a quote sent to you. Advanced Reporting is included at no cost if your company purchased GoAnywhere Enterprise or GoAnywhere Premium though.
Can the data displayed in the gadgets be auto-refreshed?
Currently they are loaded when the page appears. They don't auto refresh and would require you to click on a button to refresh the page.
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