Deleting journal receivers to reclaim IBM iSeries disk space

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Post by Support_Julie » Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:56 pm

We are having space constraints on our IBM iSeries. Our MFT install is using the DB2 database.
Can we delete the Journal receivers or have them auto clean?

GoAnywhere does not require journaling for the DB2 database.

You will need to find out why you have journaling turned on for the GoAnywhere DB2 database.

One reason for Journaling would be the replication software needing to push database changes to the HA server.
Based on this, you can decide if the journal receivers are needed.

General Cleanup tips:
• Check to see if you have Backup folders with numbers behind them. For example: “[install folder]/goanywhere/backup 2”. This would be a folder created during an upgrade that contains all goanywhere ifs files prior to upgrade. Once your upgrade is working properly, it would be safe to remove the backup 2 thru whatever number. (keep the backup folder without a number)
• Check the size of the tomcat log. The tomcat log is [install folder]/goanywhere/tomcat/Catalina.out When you have a service winnow, end the subsystem, delete that file, and start the subsystem. This will generate a new Catalina.out file on startup.
• Check the number of days that you retain logs in the Log Settings. If you click on “System” -> “Database Configuration” -> “Statistics”, you can see what tables have the most number of records written to them. For Example, maybe your DPA_ADMIN_LOG has a lot of records. If so, you may want to consider reducing the number of “Days to keep Administration logs” on the Administration tab. Or under Log Exemptions, you may to disable the logging of a frequent event type. (we advise that you do whatever your internal auditors allow)
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