Error: Inviting users is not allowed

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Post by Support_Nolan » Fri Feb 08, 2019 4:35 pm
Question: I get the error message "Inviting Users is not allowed" when I share a folder with some users, why is this?
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Answer: This could be caused by a few factors, numbered below:


1. You do not have Self-Registration Enabled. Check your settings by going to Users > Web User Self-Registration and making sure "Self-Registration Allowed" is checked.

Web User Self-Registration allows your employees and trading partners to create an account in GoAnywhere through the Web Client interface. When allowed, a Create Account link is displayed on the Web Client login page. The self-registration process is based on Web User Templates and is based on the requester's email address or email domain.

2. The email address pattern under Self-Registration does not allow invitations to or from the domain of the web user who attempted to share (or invite) the folder.
When a user initiates self-registration, they complete a three step process to verify and register an account.
The first step requires the user to enter their email and a captcha code.
If their email passes the Email Patterns filter, they are sent a unique 36-character UUID verification code, which can be pasted in the Verification Code box.
See the Email Pattern in the screenshot above for an example.
The third step gathers login credentials and contact information for the new Web User account. If the Email pattern for a new user requires approval, users with the Web User Manager role are notified of the pending registration request.

3. Web user needs to have the Send Invitations setting enabled under their web user settings to be able to share with new or outside users.
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