ERROR peer not authenticated

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Post by faleusqui » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:07 pm
When i try to execute by command line, it return next error:

ERROR Error connecting to 'https://x.x.xx.xx:xxxx/goanywhere': peer not authenticated
ERROR peer not authenticated

mssing something certificate in my local machine ?

Line to execute is:
gacmd.exe -server https://x.x.xx.xx:xxxx/goanywhere -user fusme -password ******** -command runProject -Project /Capacitacion/Prueba_FAusto

Please help.

Thanks a lot


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Post by Support_Rick » Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:12 am
What this means is ... the server doesn't trust you using an HTTPS command. (Ie, the server doesn't posses the correct SSL Certificate from the client)

Add the SSL Certificate to the Trusted Certificates Key Store. Also, review the other parameters to the GACMD call. "trustAll", etc)

If not necessary to use HTTPS, you could do this as HTTP and execute as well.
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