Error - 'You are not authorized to the resource 'test' specified in element 'sftp'.'

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Post by Support_Alisa » Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:04 am
I am receiving the following error, or a similar one, in my job log.
[1013 - project] You are not authorized to the resource 'test' specified in element 'sftp'.
The resource test is successful, and I know the username and password defined in the resource is correct. What could be causing this error?

Please check the resource permissions for the resource specified in the error message. In this case, the admin user trying to run a project using the 'test' resource did not have the 'Use' permission checked on the resource. Even though the admin user does not have 'Use' permissions, the resource test is still successful. You can check the permissions on the resource by navigating to the resource, clicking the wheel next to the resource name, and selecting "Permissions." Once the admin user specified in the resource is granted 'Use' permissions, the project should complete successfully.
Alisa Bohac
Sr Support Analyst
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p. 1.800.949.4696
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