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Post by Support_Julie » Wed Feb 13, 2019 6:24 pm

When trying to start GoAnywhere MFT or the Gateway Manager within MFT, we see a “Failed to Bind” error.
2019-02-13 01:10:43 PM ERROR Failed to bind proxy on / com.linoma.gag.server.StartProxyFailedException: Failed to bind to: /01.01.01:22


The “Failed to Bind” error in the above example means that GoAnywhere attempted to connect to a port that is either:

1. Already in use by another application (in this case port 22)

2. Privileged, and the user account attempting to bind to this port is unable to do so.

Some takeaways:

1. Netstat is a common utility available in most versions of Windows, Linux, UNIX and other operating systems. Netstat provides information and statistics about protocols in use and current TCP/IP network connections. By using the Netstat command, you can determine what other application has the required port in use.

2. Many Linux/Unix systems require a root user in order to bind to ports under 1024. If you are running MFT with a non-root user account, you will need to choose ports above 1024. Our elegant solution to using standard ports is to use GoAnywhere Gateway and start Gateway with a root user profile. This allows you to map standard protocol ports on the Gateway server, and run MFT on ports like 8022 for SFTP. Due to the secure nature of Gateway, ownership of files is still handled by the non-root user account that starts MFT.
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