Feature Request: visually browse an FTP/SCP/SFTP resource

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Post by PaulR » Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:04 pm
Hi there

I really love GoAnywhere MFT - very polished and advanced workflows are amazing.

One thing my colleague would like is an extension of the Test function, something like a Browse function. So, click on the Settings cog and select Browse, then a dialog like the file/folder Browse dialog.
Nothing needs to be uploaded/downloaded/created/deleted, just being able to navigate around the remote folder structure would be sufficient.

A particular use-case is where the client's automated system has failed, so someone has manually placed a file on their SFTP server. The client then complains that the file hasn't been picked up by the deadline. Connecting to their server manually using an FTP client is useful then to check the folder where the file should be, and find instead that the file has been placed in the wrong folder, and notify the client to move it.
Currently. my colleague uses an additional FTP client like FileZilla to connect and view where files are located. But this means managing two sets of client connections, keys, etc, which becomes cumbersome and messy.

Hoping this can be incorporated easily into your wonderful software.

Please feel free to let me if you have any queries.



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Post by Support_Patrick » Thu May 02, 2019 2:41 pm
We do have this functionality at the the project level with the task that is using that resource.

For example in the screen shot below I am doing a SFTP put and if I select the ellipses button on the Destination Directory, since I am doing a put it will connect to the remote SFTP server. MFT will connect and you will be able to browser those remote directories.
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Post by sschiavo » Mon May 06, 2019 11:23 am
You can currently do this another way as well.

If you go to "System" -> "File Manager" then in the location, you can enter "resource:*resourcetype*://*resourcename*" you will be able to browse the file directory in file manager.

For example...if I have a SFTP resource connection to FedEX, I will put in "resource:sftp://FEDEX sFTP"

You can rename, drop, download, and do whatever your user permissions allow as well.
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