Fixing DFS connectivity issues with Network Share resources

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Post by Support_Josh » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:56 pm
We have issues with some of our transfers to DFS shares. The job's are failing intermittently because they are being "disconnected". Is there anything that can be done to stabilize performance to DFS shares within the MFT application?

First and foremost, using native pathing within the MFT application allows for the best performance and stability when connecting to any network share. This type of setup can be reviewed in this article:

If the native path method cannot be used, the MFT application has an advanced properties file for both the SMBv1 client and the SMB (All versions) client that can be adjusted to tune the Java SMB clients to work best in the current environment. These advanced configuration files should be worked through with a network engineer who knows the full scope of the network topology. The files to look at are:
  • For SMBv1 client - [install_dir]/config/
  • For SMB (All versions) client - [install_dir]/config/
We have documentation about the properties and their use cases in our in-app documentation that can be accessed by clicking on any question mark (?) on any page within the MFT Admin GUI. Once the help text is pulled up, search for "Advanced SMB Network Shares Configuration" and the select the first option in the search. The help text for each file can be found in the appropriate section within that article.

Additionally, outside of the application, we recommend to setting a priority namespace on for the DFS share. This is done within the DFS configuration and is outlined by these Microsoft articles: ... l-ordering ... 0(v=ws.11)

Once a priority namespace has been set, MFT will default to a single node in the DFS cluster to read/write files from. If that node is down, and the namespace is set properly, other nodes will still be available to connect to from the MFT perspective. This is currently the best configuration that we are aware of when using DFS with GoAnywhere MFT.
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