FTPS Resource Error: Connection closed without indication

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Post by Support_Andy » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:19 pm
FTPS Resource
Here are the most common attributes to set on a FTPS Resource in GoAnywhere to resolve a "Connection closed without indication" error

Basic Tab
Host = Partner's External IP or DNS
Port = 990
User = Username
Password = Password

Connection Tab
Use Passive Mode = Yes

Connection Type = Implicit SSL
Security Protocol = TLS
SSL Context Protocol = TLSv1.2

FTPS servers on port 990 generally are configured with a Passive/Implicit TLS connection.

Note: There are two common FTPS Connections
FTP(ES) Explicit FTPS commonly on port 21 (Connection Type should be Explicit SSL)
FTP(S) Implicit FTPS commonly on port 990
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