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Post by Support_Philip » Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:10 am
By default, GoAnywhere stores its configuration settings and application data in an embedded
Derby database. This database includes almost everything GoAnywhere needs to operate, including
user-defined settings, user account information, permissions, server configuration information and
more. The database also stores the audit log entries for Project Workflows and each of the file
transfer protocols.

Operational Considerations

The embedded Derby database is ideal for trial purposes and standalone instances such as sandbox
or development environments. Customers who use the embedded Derby database on production
systems should be aware of the following limitations:
  • The embedded Derby database does not support GoAnywhere clustering, and as such, the
    database is only ideal for small operations where high availability is not needed.
  • GoAnywhere is unavailable during backups and database tuning of the embedded database,
    which halts all file transfer and workflow tasks. Externalizing the database is the preferred
    method if 24/7 availability is required.
  • The embedded Derby database is not accessible to 3rd party database reporting and
    monitoring tools.
HelpSystems highly recommends customers externalize the GoAnywhere database.

Externalizing the GoAnywhere


GoAnywhere supports the use of external databases, which are required when high availability is
used. HelpSystems strongly recommends customers use an external database with GoAnywhere.

The following databases are supported:
  • DB2/400 (IBM i) - V5R4 and later
  • Derby (Network) - (preferred Derby database version)
  • Microsoft SQL Server - SQL Server 2008 and later
  • MySQL 5.1 and later
  • MariaDB versions 5.5 or 10.0 and later
  • Oracle - 10g and later
  • PostgreSQL 9.6 and later
HelpSystems always recommends you use the latest database version for your chosen database

Switching the Database

A Switch Database Wizard is provided in GoAnywhere to guide you through the process for
changing the GoAnywhere connection from the embedded Derby database to one of the supported
external databases. The Wizard creates the necessary tables and indexes, as well as migrates the
existing GoAnywhere data to the new database.
For more information about how to switch your database, see the System > Database
Configuration > Switch Database topic in the GoAnywhere MFT User Guide.

No changes are made to the embedded Derby database during a database switch. If for any
reason GoAnywhere cannot complete a database switch, simply restart the GoAnywhere
service. GoAnywhere will resume functioning on the embedded Derby database.
Philip Horn
Senior Support Analyst
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p. 1-800-949-4696
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