How Do I access Windows shares from my iSeries/System i?

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When GoAnywhere is running on an iSeries/System i, and needs to access files from a Windows share, QNTC file system must first be configured on the iSeries.

Follow the instructions in the article at for step by step instructions on how to set up QNTC. This allows the iSeries to see all computers in your domain and work with any shared folders on any of these systems.

After you finish the setup described in the article, if you do not see any computers under the /QNTC folder, you can manually register a computer/server by running the command CRTDIR /QNTC/COMPUTERNAME. This will add the computer and then you can drill down through the various shares on this computer. Repeat this step for each computer you would like to access from your iSeries.

When GoAnywhere needs to access a file during the execution of a project it always uses the user profile that was used to start the GOANYWHERE subsystem. This user profile is specified when you issue the STRGA command which starts the GOANYWHERE subsystem. For the QNTC to work right, the user profile you use to start the GOANYWHERE subsystem must also exist on your Windows domain with the same exact credentials. This account should also have appropriate permissions on the shared folders that you plan on using.

The recommended approach is -
  • Create a user profile called GOANYWHERE on the iSeries.
  • Give this profile adequate authority to the IFS, especially to the GoAnywhere installation folder as well as any other folders from which you might want to read/write files.
  • Create a user profile called GOANYWHERE on your Windows domain. Set this profile’s password to match up with the one you have used on the iSeries.
  • Always use the GOANYWHERE profile to start the GOANYWHERE subsystem. The user profile can be specified by prompting the GOANYWHERE/STRGA command.
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