How do I allocate more memory for GoAnywhere?

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Memory Allocation Considerations
Note for 32-bit Java: If you are running GoAnywhere with 32-bit Java, DO NOT increase the JVM heap beyond 2.5 GB (2560m).

As with any memory allocation, one should make sure there is enough system memory to accommodate the JVM heap allocation for GoAnywhere. This non-heap memory is essential, and includes Java non-heap and system memory for the OS and any other applications running on the same server. Consult your system administrator if you are unsure about your server memory requirements.

If you are experiencing memory "heap" errors in your Job log or GA log, then you are running short of heap memory. If you are seeing "system", "native", or "non-heap" memory errors, then you may have the JVM heap allocation set too high. Check with your system administrator.

Memory Allocation Overview
GoAnywhere runs in a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) instance, which is allocated 1024 MB of
memory by default when the product is installed. This memory is utilized for all features in
GoAnywhere including administration functions and file transfer activity.
Typically 1024 MB of memory is sufficient for most installations. However, if you anticipate high
loads (e.g. several thousand file transfers per day), then it is recommended to allocate more memory
for the GoAnywhere JVM. Depending on your operating system, follow the instructions below to
change this memory allocation.

For Windows:
1. Navigate to the directory of [Install_Dir]/tomcat/bin, where [Install_Dir] is the installation
directory for GoAnywhere.
2. Find the file named [Service_Name]w.exe, in which [Service_Name] is the name of the
windows service specified during installation. GoAnywherew.exe is the default name. Right
click on the file and choose to Run as administrator.
NOTE: This is a service properties program that provides additional information in regards to
the JVM being started by the service.
3. Click on the Java tab and edit the Maximum memory pool setting. Specify 2048 for 2GB of
memory, 3072 for 3GB of memory, etc…
4. Click on the Apply button to save the memory settings.
5. To restart GoAnywhere for the changes to take effect, click on the General tab and choose
to Stop and then Start the service.

For Linux, IBM i, Unix, Solaris and Mac OS X:
1. Navigate to the directory of [Install_Dir]/tomcat/bin, where [Install_Dir] is the installation
directory for GoAnywhere.
2. Edit the file named
3. Modify the following line in the file:
JAVA_OPTS='-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Djava.awt.headless=true'
4. The setting –Xmx1024m is the max memory setting, which is set to 1024 MB by default.
Change this setting to Xmx2048m for 2GB of memory, -Xmx3072 for 3GB of memory, etc…
Do not change the MaxPermSize value! For example:
JAVA_OPTS='-Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Djava.awt.headless=true'
5. Save the file.
6. Restart GoAnywhere for the change to take effect.
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