How do I change the run priority of QP0ZSPWT?

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Post by Support_Duane » Tue Mar 10, 2009 11:17 am
The file to change is /installation directory/tomcat/bin/
If the defaults were taken when GoAnywhere was installed, that will be:

Find the line with COMMAND='chgjob job('$JOBNAME') runpty(' and copy and paste the line so you have two identical lines. Then Comment out one line with a # at the beginning of the line. Change the runpty value in the other line to the new priority. When completed, the code will look like:

# COMMAND='chgjob job('$JOBNAME') runpty(6)'
COMMAND='chgjob job('$JOBNAME') runpty(25)'

Save the file.

End and restart the subsystem using the ENDGA and STRGA commands.
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