How do I get JDK1.5 for V5R3?

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IBM Software
Technical Document

Document Number: 375458862
Functional Area: Operating System
SubFunctional Area: Programming
SubSubFunctional Area: Java
Product: OS/400 BASE (5722SS100)
Release: V5R3M0
Classification: Public Use
Document Title:Installing JDK 5.0 (1.5) on R530 of IBM i5/OS
Document Description:
This document describes what steps you must take to get J2SE 5.0 (also known as Java Development Kit 1.5.0) operational on your IBM eServer i5 server. J2SE 5.0 is product 5722JV1 Option 7.

Before you order and install J2SE 5.0, you must have V5R3M0 5722JV1 Option *BASE installed on your eServer i5 server. You also must have Java Group PTF SF99269 Level 5 or later because this must be applied after J2SE 5.0 is installed on the server. This Group PTF is also orderable on media through Fix Central.

Obtaining the Installation Media for J2SE 5.0

Newer copies of the V5R3M0 IBM i5/OS standard set installation media includes 5722JV1 Option 7 on the CD labeled D29xx_06.

Clients who do not have the CD noted above can receive the installation media by ordering PTF SI17529.

Use one of the following methods to order SI17529:

Note: SI17529 is a special PTF; it can be delivered only on media. Recent attempts to download it electronically using Fix Central have been successful (ftp image option). Historically, using Fix Central has not worked but clients can try it. If the download is successful, I would expect the installation to work as described below.

o Use the following SNDPTFORD command:

o? Use the Media order service at the following Web site: ... coermedia/


This product installs as a regular Licensed Program Option (LPO). After you receive the physical installation CD for SI17529, load the CD in your optical drive and type the following command:
where OPTxx is the name of your CD drive. Press the Enter key.

Install Java Group PTF SF99269 Level 5 (or later). Follow the instructions included with the Group PTF. Use the following command to verify that the correct level of the Group PTF has been installed:

Press the Enter key. The output will show SF99269 5 Installed. (or later, if you installed a more recent Group PTF).
Use the following command to verify that J2SE 5.0 is working on your system:
JAVA CLASS(PropDump) PROP((java.version 1.5))
Press the Enter key. A screen should be displayed that shows several J2SE 5.0 Java Virtual Machine properties, followed by the message Java program completed. Press the Enter key on this screen to return to the operating system command entry screen.

If this command does not work, then you must contact your service representative for help to get J2SE 5.0 to work on your system.

The V5R3 5722JV1 product supports Options 5, 6, and 7. If you have not specified java.version, the default J2SE used on the system is listed by order of precedence below:
1 Option 6 (J2SE 1.4)
2 Option 5 (J2SE 1.3)
3 Option 7 (J2SE 5.0)

For example, if the eServer i5 system has all three supported options installed, Option 6 (J2SE 1.4) is the default. To force the use of J2SE 5.0 when using Java, you must specify the java.version=1.5 property.

If you experience problems after installing this code, contact your IBM Service Provider.

You can view the document at the following URL ... E40070108C

This document and many others can be found by selecting the "Technical databases" link at the following URL: ... nd=5000027
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