How do I obfuscate the password used in GACMD calls to MFT?

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Post by Support_Alisa » Thu Aug 29, 2019 5:38 pm
Question -

How do I obfuscate the password used in GACMD calls to MFT?

Answer -

In order to make calls to MFT using the GoAnywhere Command Client (GACMD), you are required to provide an admin username and password. By default, the password you provide is specified in plaintext. However, you do have the option to encrypt the password specified in the GACMD command.

The best way to obfuscate the password in your GACMD calls is to use the ‘passwordIsEncrypted’ parameter in your call to GACMD. The following matrix gives the official description of the 'passwordIsEncrypted' flag, the valid options for the parameter, and the default value for this parameter. This information, and all information regarding other valid GACMD parameters and commands, can be found in our GoAnywhere Command User Guide.

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