How does GA handle open files ?

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Post by marcosjl » Mon Oct 11, 2010 8:55 am

does GA handle specifically the open files ?

For example: let's say that I've defined a project to handle 'FTP get' from a remote FTP server. The files I want to retrieve are actually generated by another process on the remote machine. It then may be possible that some files are still open on the remote machine when GA tries to retrieve them.

What are the mechanism or the work arounds that can be set up to make sure that a file is not to be retrieved from the remote server while they are opened by some other process ?

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Post by Support_Duane » Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:46 am
It depends. Some systems don't show a file as available until they are done being written. Others lock the file as it's being written. For still others, the file is available as soon as it's created. You'll have to determine which type of system you're dealing with and respond accordingly.

Since there is no problem with the first case, I'll only discuss the second and third cases. If GoAnywhere tries to download a file that is locked, it will throw an error that you can handle if you so desire.

In both the second and third cases, you may want the vendor to write a small control file once the file/files you are wanting is/are complete. You can then check for the control file, and if it's there, download the files you're looking for.
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