How to Add Images to GoAnywhere Email Templates

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Post by Support_Nolan » Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:23 am

How do I add images to the GoAnywhere Email templates?


First, a little background information. GoAnywhere sends emails for various administrator and Web User functions. The notifications are based on email templates that are defined in XML files and stored in a repository located at [installdirectory]/proddata/emailtemplates.

The templates can be modified to meet your specifications using an XML or a plain text editor. Email templates can use functions to perform various operations on variables, strings and data. If you would like to make changes to an email template, copy the template file from [installdirectory]/proddata/emailtemplates/[templatetype] and save it to [installdirectory]/userdata/emailtemplates/[templatetype]. Only make changes to the templates in the /userdata folder. The email templates located in /proddata will be overwritten during upgrades. When using an email template, GoAnywhere will look for an email template in the /userdata folder before using the email template from the /proddata folder.

To add an image to email template, we can use the <img> tag to add the image into the email template. For example -
<img src=" ... 190219.png" alt="Logo" style="border:0px;" height="50" width="300" />"

Keep in mind, the machine receiving the email has to be able to resolve to this image. This means you cannot reference a location on the local drive to which the recipient cannot resolve.
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