How to create a SQLite database resource?

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Post by Support_Alisa » Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:19 am

How do I create a SQLite database resource when SQLite does not connect through a IP address or port number?


Unlike typical server/client databases, SQLite directly reads and writes its data to a single, ordinary disk file. In order to make a "connection" to a SQLite database, download the JDBC driver. I chose to use the one found on BitBucket (

In the JDBC driver section of the Database resource, please input org.sqlite.JDBC.

Due to the fact SQLite is a ordinary file, the JDBC URL points to the database file location. The database URL will always take on the following format jdbc:sqlite:database_file_location. On Windows, the default location of the database file is not in the SQLite install directory, but instead the user's AppData directory.

You will not need to input a User and Password.

See the screen shot below of a working SQLite resource.
sqlitedb.png (20.51 KiB) Viewed 3226 times
From here, you can use your SQLite database resource in a project and query the SQLite Database just as you could any normal database.
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