How to upgrade GoAnywhere Services & install Outlook plugin

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Post by Support_Julie » Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:57 pm
How to upgrade GoAnywhere Services and install the Outlook plug in.

In order to install the GoAnywhere Outlook Plugin to send secure messages and attachments via GoAnywhere Services, You will need to be running at least Goanywhere Services version 2.8 which must be licensed (and configured) for the Secure Email feature.

To verify the version click on Help then About.

To check if there are updates available for GoAnywhere Services, login as a User with the Product Administrator role. From the main menu bar, point to Administration and then click Check for Updates. The system will check for any updates and provide you with instructions on how to apply the updates.

If you are unable to use the check for updates you can download the upgrade jar file(s) and documentation from

Once you are on version 2.8 or higher, please review the information on Secure Mail Settings in the GoAnywhere Services Users Guide. To configure Secure Mail settings, login as a User with the Secure Mail Manager role. From the main menu bar, point to Secure Mail and then click Secure Mail Settings. The options on the Secure Mail Settings page control both the functionality of the Secure Mail interface and the options available to a Web User.

The GoAnywhere Outlook Plugin can be installed on any Windows computer running Microsoft® Outlook® 2010. The installation can be performed on an individual computer or via a Windows Server to multiple users using a group policy to install the Windows installer package. Please see the GoAnywhere Outlook Plugin Users Guide for requirements and step by step installation instructions.
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