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Post by Support_Alisa » Tue Feb 19, 2019 1:51 pm

I am seeing the following error in my job log - An attempt was made to change the value of an immutable system variable 'system.job.log'. What does this error mean?


Within GoAnywhere, immutable variables are the "system variables" available in the application. As immutable variables cannot be changed upon creation, you will receive this error when you try to update the value of one of MFT's system variables.

In the example below, the project failed because the user is trying to overwrite the 'system.job.log' variable with the 'Number of Bytes Copied Variable.' In order to avoid this error, the user should create a new variable, such as 'bytesCopied,' and use this variable in the 'Number of Bytes Copied Variable' field.

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