"Invalid email addresses" error during project execution

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Post by Support_Alisa » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:15 pm

I’m getting an “invalid email addresses” error during project execution, even though I am using correct email addresses. What could cause this?


Oftentimes, this error occurs when trying to send an email outside of the company network. The emails will send to internal users, but will fail if external email addresses are specified. This error happens when the email server does not enable SMTP relaying from the GoAnywhere server through the email server.

To ensure this is the cause of the error, consult the goanywhere.log file found in [install directory]/userdata/logs. If you are running in a clustered environment, you need to look up the system specific goanywhere.log file, on the node that encountered the failure. For example, goanywhere_system1.log.

An error stating "Relay access denied" will signify the cause of the issue. Having your system admin enable SMTP relaying from GoAnywhere through the email server will allow the emails to be properly delivered and will fix the error. Please also note that this error has been observed in a load balanced SMTP environment, where 1 SMTP server was relaying properly, and the other did not have the proper rule(s).
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