Issue with IF function

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Post by dhascup » Fri Apr 01, 2016 8:53 am
My IF function is not working properly

In the productType "CA" comes out as it should
In the packagingType "PK" comes out when it should be "CT"
They both refer to dataItem[7]

Code: Select all
<element name="globalAttributes">
									<element name="productType" value="${dataItem[7]}" trim="both" />
									<element name="globalClassificationCategory" trim="both">
										<element name="code" value="${dataItem[58]}" trim="both" />
									<element name="gtinName" value="${dataItem[9]}" trim="both">
										<attribute name="lang" value="en" trim="both" />
									<element name="brandName" value="${dataItem[5]}" trim="both" />
									<element name="brandOwnerGLN" value="${dataItem[6]}" />
									<forEach inputRowSetVariable="${dataNetContent}">
										<if test="${dataNetContent[1]} eq ${dataItem[2]}">
											<if test="${dataNetContent[2]} eq ${dataItem[3]}">
												<element name="netContent" value="${dataNetContent[3]}" trim="both">
													<attribute name="uom" value="${dataNetContent[4]}" trim="both" />
									<element name="packagingType" trim="both">
										<element name="code" value="${If((dataItem[7] == "CA"), "CT", "PK")}" trim="both" />

See attachment for captured result

Capture.PNG (15.62 KiB) Viewed 2552 times


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Post by Support_Rick » Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:37 am

More than likely there are some spaces in the data. Please review and/or remove them and let me know.

Rick Elliott
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