Local startfolder in java applet of webclient

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Post by Joerg » Wed Sep 10, 2014 6:11 am

this problem I've opened already among another thread yet, but there is no solution.
I've wrote:
Second problem

We have a synchronization tool for our windows clients where the "My documents" folder is automaticly mirrored and synchronized to an shared server folder.
The left side of the web clients java applet need 2 min to show the folder tree. Any idea for reasons? Or is there a possibility to change or save the start folder for the enhanced java applet?

The redirected "My documents" folder is shown within java applet as "\\host\...." path after a long time. So it is almost impossible to use the benefits of the applet. After change to a local folder the response time is normal.
1. is it possible to change this response waiting time or
2. Change the start path of applet to a other local path or
2. realize multiple downloads of the tagged files within basic html version?
The last feature is missing by our users especially.
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