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Posted: Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:07 pm
by jellsworth
I tried to ask this morning via support chat but never got an answer, so I would like to call upon the community.

Is anyone using nagios to monitor that GoAnywhere is working? We are having occasional java heap space issues and I wondered how people were monitoring GoAnywhere to make sure that it is running. Currently we are looking at the port, but that doesn't go down even though the underlying program doesn't allow access.

Re: monitoring

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:33 pm
by smandadi
Probably not Optimal, But I have implemented a small project on my GoAnywhere Director (You can do it from any script that can do FTP), to SEND a small (1 Byte) File over FTP and place it in a Maintenance Directory every 5 Minutes. and Check If this Script fails...

This is probably the most reliable indication of the Health of the Services..

Re: monitoring

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:57 am
by Alon355
its optimal??