Move Task Fails in a Project

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Post by Support_Nolan » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:09 am

I am receiving this error when trying to use the move task in a project:
[9002 - Move] Could not move '/exampleSourceLocation' to '/exampleDestinationLocation'.

What causes this error?


Some users encounter problems using a Move Task. If you have an issue with the Move task, the combination of the Copy Task and Delete Task should be used instead. Using the Copy task Output Variable "Processed Source Files Variable" in the Delete task will insure that the files will not be deleted if the copy fails.

A failure with the Move task typically happens when the task is attempting to move from one physical network location to another, but it can also happen on the same physical location or server when the OS does not allow a Move.

When GoAnywhere issues a ‘move’ command to the file system, it may not work if it’s going between two separate systems. For example, if you try to use the Move task with local files to/from network shares you’ll get an error like “The Move Task cannot move files between local drives and Network Shares Resources. Use the Copy Task followed by the Delete Task instead.” I understand both paths are visible to us in their case, but it’s the network share server that denies this action (it doesn’t know how to move it to another server that it’s not associated with). GoAnywhere has to copy the file between the network servers.

Here is the documentation from the user guide regarding the move task -
If using the Move Task to move files between differing file systems, GoAnywhere will try to determine if the file systems are different, and if so, will first copy the file to the destination, then delete the source file. If the file systems are different, but GoAnywhere cannot determine they are different, then you may need to use the Copy Task followed by the Delete Task instead.
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