"No free port available in the specified port range" error in log file

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Post by Support_Alisa » Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:58 pm

I am seeing a “No free port available in the specified port range” error in my logs.  What could be causing this?


When utilizing GoAnywhere Gateway, you are required to specify a Passive Proxy Port Range for Passive FTP connections.  If you have more incoming connections than available ports, you will see the following error in your logs -
gagateway.log:2018-08-10 09:30:05 AM ERROR No free port available in the specified port range
In order to ensure better connectivity and to remove this error, make your passive port range larger.  You can do this by going to [install directory]/config/gateway.xml.  Update the passiveProxyPortRangeFrom and passiveProxyPortRangeTo fields, adding ports to your range.  By deafault, GoAnywhere Gateway has a range of 2,000 ports.  Always ensure you have enough ports available for the amount of connections your organization expects from clients and trading partners.

Please be sure to check that your FTP service reflects the changes you made in the gateway.xml file. On the GoAnywhere administrator page, navigate to Services -> Service Manager -> FTP -> Edit. Under "Data Connection," select "Passive." In the "Ports" field, insert the port range you specified in the gateway.xml file. If you are using FTPS, please also add these configuration changes to your FTPS service.
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