Not authorized to use ADDRPYLE

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Post by Support_Julie » Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:13 pm
When updating GoAnywhere MFT on the IBM iSeries, the following error occurred: Not authorized to use ADDRPYLE. Ensure database user has *USE authority for ADDRPYLE. GoAnywhere validation failed. Upgrade was NOT started: Database user isn't authorized to use ADDRPYLE Press ENTER to end terminal session.

We granted GADATA user profile *USE by adding it to authorization list QPGMR which was already defined as *USE.

We are questioning why the update process needs to add a reply entry to our system and any extra information you might have on this.

The user profile GADATA (owner of the GADATA DB2 table) need to have *USE authority for the ADDRPYLE command.

During the upgrade process we sometimes do the Alter table command where it will add columns or remove columns. This can produce a CPA32B2 warning message that data might be lost due to dropping old columns or altering attributes. This could normally generate a message in the QSYSOPR messages or a message back to the user screen. To prevent the message from being presented and possibly getting answered incorrectly, we issue the ADDRPYLE command on message CPA32B2 at the beginning of the upgrade. The messages are automatically answered during the upgrade process (do not get written to QSYSOPR). At the end of the upgrade the message in the message file is reverted to its origin state.
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