Overriding the username and password of a resource

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Post by jwawrzon » Mon Aug 10, 2015 8:35 am
I am having an issue overriding the username and password of a resource. We have been creating generic resources without any username or password on them in order to keep from having 50 copies of the same resource with different user accounts. The users will then add those to their project and override with their own accounts.
Unfortuately when you add a get or any other file transfer below and try to browse to the server, it does not recognize the username or password you are using. It tries to connect with the null username and password from the resource itself, and throws the following error.
This makes it very difficult to set up file transfers as out users cannot browse to anything on the server. Any ideas why it would be doing this?


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Post by Support_Tim » Tue Aug 11, 2015 5:25 pm
Hello jwawrzon,
Your observations are correct. GoAnywhere is designed to use the resource credentials to choose paths and files on the remote server. If you do not want to have separate resources for separate users, I suggest that you use a generic account user ID and password in the resource configuration for easier path and file name entry.

If you would like for GoAnywhere to look at the current task for override values which would be used to connect for the File Chooser, send an email with the case number 31724 in the subject line to: [email protected]. The message should indicate you would like an Enhancement Request form. Once you fill it in and return it, your request will be considered for a future release of GoAnywhere MFT.

Remember, the Server tab (SFTP Server, FTP Server) is for overrides during execution of the project, not for project setup. You are allowed to put Variables into those fields (UserID/Password) and pass that information into the Project to accommodate the use of a single project for multiple users and their defined connections at execution time.
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