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Post by ajdazeve » Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:27 pm
Hi there,
I have a best practice question. I have files coming in looking like this
CA18670N - ACRC-All items-2017-02-17.xml
Now what i am doing is grabbing the name of the file and parsing it in order to put all files belonging to a same project together
Here are the steps I am dong
Step 1: list zip files…
Go into a loop to parse folder create an move the file
The mechanic to create the folder is as follows
1: rawname1 = ${rawName:nameWithoutExtension}
2: rawNamestg = ${Replace(rawName1,'([^-]+-[^-]+)-?.*','$1')}
3: rawNamestg2 = ${Replace(rawNamestg,' ','')}
4: cleanName = ${Trim(rawNamestg2)}
I am sure there’s a way to do this without so many steps and variables. Also I create one list per type of file
.zip .xml .done
Perhaps I could make a file list and include all theses extension …
What would you suggest/
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