PermGen space error

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Post by Frank_CMRG » Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:30 am
What is the meaning of the PermGen Space Error in a job?

So far this has happened only once in this scheduled job.

This is the project that scans a folder for a trigger file, and loads a variable from the contents of that file to call the project named within.

Here is the example:

12/20/10 6:05:59 PM INFO Start Date and Time: 12/20/10 6:05:59 PM
12/20/10 6:05:59 PM INFO Job Number: 1291846007961
12/20/10 6:05:59 PM INFO Project Name: /Ecometry/HP3000/Testing_development/Watch For Trigger
12/20/10 6:05:59 PM INFO Submitted By: *scheduler
12/20/10 6:05:59 PM INFO GoAnywhere Director 3.2.1 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 6.1 (amd64)
12/20/10 6:06:02 PM ERROR PermGen space
com.linoma.dpa.runtime.JobFailedException: PermGen space
at Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.util.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.util.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
at Source)
Caused by: com.linoma.dpa.ExecutionException: PermGen space
at com.linoma.dpa.runtime.Job.compileProject(Unknown Source)
... 4 more
12/20/10 6:06:02 PM INFO End Date and Time: 12/20/10 6:06:01 PM
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