Possible to use OpenPGP Studio to sign a clear text message?

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Post by widheg » Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:38 am
Is it at all possible to use OpenPGP Studio to sign a clear text message (that resides in a plain text file) without also encrypting it? One would think so since there are two separate menu choices 'Sign' and 'Encrypt & Sign', but when I use OpenPGP Studio to sign (without encrypting) a clear text message, then OpenPGP Studio outputs a file that begins with '-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----'
However, I thought a signature shall begin with '-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----'

The lines of Radix-64 (ASCII armored) that follows '-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----' ... are they the message encrypted, or the message encrypted and signed, or just the signature? My clear text message is not included in the resulting file produced by the sign operation (this holds regardless whether or not 'Detached Signature' is selected).

The following outlines what I would expect:
A new file created with the following outline contents:
Code: Select all

Here is my original clear text message preserved.


Lines of Radix-64 (ASCII armored) characters that make up the signature.

Thank you!


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Post by Support_Jon » Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:33 pm
Thank you for your post widheg. GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio requires that a signed file be verified in order to view the contents of the file. We do not currently support 'clear signing', which leaves the contents of the file in plain text. We will consider it as an enhancement to the product for a future release of the product.

Thanks - Jon
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