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Post by BernardinoBMM » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:37 pm
My project is trying to process four .txt files, one of them is a large one (1.2 GB)
The txt files are located in a network share resource, all are pipe separated and have Record Delimiter=CRLF

I read the documentation and understood that GAW can read large file because it only load the row that will be processed but when I run de project I receive the following error message.

INFO Executing task 'createWorkspace 1.0 (Create WorkSpace)'
INFO Workspace directory for this job is set to 'D:\Program Files\......\workspace\1343144302127'.
INFO Finished task 'createWorkspace 1.0 (Create WorkSpace)'
INFO Executing task 'searchAndReplace 1.0 (Clean invalid chars)'
INFO Scanning file 'smb://MyServer/Sunat/datprin.txt' (1.014.437.348 bytes) and writing modified output to 'D:\Program Files\Linoma Software\GoAnywhere\userdata\workspace\1343144302127\datprin.txt'
ERROR unable to create new native thread
INFO Routing the control to the module 'Send email Alert'

Any suggestion to process this files?
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