Replacing Multiple Characters At One Time

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J Haskins

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Post by J Haskins » Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:13 pm
I have a .csv file that I'm trying to load into a DB2 file on my iSeries. I'm having trouble and I think it may be due to special characters in the .csv file (for example - "°¢™èé€-á").

When I read the file using a text reader, I see the character string above, but when I do a search and replace for the string, it isn't found.

When a do a search and replace for an individual character in the string, "°" for example, it finds the character and replaces it.

Is there a way to do a search and replace for the entire group of characters at one time or I need to do it character by character?


Janell Haskins
Knit-Rite, Inc.
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