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Post by Support_Hans » Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:52 pm
Question: I have been locked out of my account. How do I reset my password?


If you are a Web User who has been instructed to reset your password, you will need to contact a GoAnywhere administrator with the Security Officer role to do the following:

- Navigate to Users > Web Users. Click the Action icon next to the Web User, then select Reset Password.

- The Administrator will have the option to either generate a password based on the password policy, or specify the password. Passwords generated for Web User accounts will follow the Web User Password Policy. If specifying the password, GoAnywhere will alert you if the password does not meet the Web User Password Policy (found in the Web User Settings). The maximum password length is 20 characters.

- The password options allow you to choose how the new Web User password is handled. The following options may be specified when resetting the Web Users password:

-- Display password to the page: The new Web User password is displayed on the page.

-- Email password: the password is emailed to the Web User using a Web User Email Template. If an email address is not defined for a Web User, this option is not available.

-- Force Password Change at Next Login: This option is only available to Web Users using the HTTPS Service. If selected, this option will force a Web user to type a new password after a successful initial login.

If you are an Admin User locked out, then you will need another Admin User on your team with the Security Officer role to do the following:

-Click the Action icon next to the Admin User, then select the Reset Password option.

-Provide a new password, then click the Reset button.

-The passwords for the administrator and root accounts are encrypted and can only be stored in the GoAnywhere database.

For this reason, it is recommended to have two Admin Users on your team with the Security Officer role at all times.

*Password Policy* The Password Policy is used for users that authenticate against the GoAnywhere database. This page is accessible under Web User Settings or Admin Security Settings for Admin Users with the Security Officer role. This page allows you to specify the password strength, minimum and maximum password ages, and the ability to reuse older passwords. When configuring the Minimum/Maximum Password Age, a value of zero (0) can indicate there is no password age; it can be changed at any time and it never expires.
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