Running two instances of project at the same time

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Post by Support_Julie » Mon Mar 23, 2009 1:06 pm
By default, a project can only have one instance running at a time. If you try to kick off a project that already has an instance running you will receive an error. The error message will look like "Project 'Test Project' is defined as not thread safe and an instance with job number '1223344556677' is already running". You may also see this error message "MSG GAE9898" if you tried to execute the project using the RunProject command.

If you would like to run multiple instances of this project simultaneously please follow the steps below:

1) Login into the GoAnywhere client and edit the project.
2) With the project node selected in the Project Outline (this is selected by default when you click on the edit button for a project) click on the Advanced tab.
3) Change the thread-safe option to "true".

The Thread-Safe option will specify whether or not it is safe to run multiple instances of this project simultaneously. The default value is false. A value of false ensures that only one instance of the project is active at any given time.
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Post by sivakurapati » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:02 am
Hi Julie,

Thanks for the information about the multiple instances of a project.

I have a scenario, where I have my project set to "false" for thread-safe option. I have in my task "Execute Native Command" set to "true" for error out if the executable fails, so that I can use this option to send an email from the job scheduler whenever my scheduled job fails.

In this scenario I am receiving email when a new instance of the project is getting scheduled while an existing instance of the project is already running since I mentioned the project as not thread safe, this email I consider it as spam. How to avoid sending an email for the case of running mulitple instances of a projects when the project is stated as not thread safe.

I tried to include the option of email in the project itself, but in this case I am not able to get access to the job Log file.

Thanks in advance
Siva kurapati
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