Scaling GoAnywhere Services for a large number of transfers

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Post by Support_Jon » Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:00 am
"How well can GoAnywhere Services scale to handle a large number of file transfers?"

GoAnywhere Services is designed to handle large amounts of file transfer activity. It utilizes multi-threading and pooling technology where applicable to help prevent the system resources from being overloaded. GoAnywhere also apply buffers to transfers and other processes that will utilize memory to minimize the footprint while optimizing performance. GoAnywhere does not have any built-in limitations in regards to the size of the files that a customer may want to transfer. In general, you can scale GoAnywhere vertically by utilizing high-speed network cards, high performance hard drives (or SAN storage), multi-core CPUs and sufficient RAM, if needed to increase performance.

You can also scale GoAnywhere Services horizontally by implementing it within a clustered environment. This allows two or more GoAnywhere Services to be part of the same environment to provide shared services to a common set of trading partners. If you need to handle large amounts of traffic from end users and trading partners, you can easily add additional GoAnywhere Services nodes to the cluster to increase your throughput. You can read more about clustering in our product section of the website.
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