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Re: Automated secure email transmission

I think that was the clue I needed to put me on the right track.


Automated secure email transmission

I see how a secure email can be sent via the web client by an appropriately authorized web user. Is there any way to automate the process of sending a secure email with attachments of sensitive data directly in GoAnywhere (Services and/or Director) as if the web user had done it manually? Essentiall...

Re: Scheduling a monthly job

I don't expect this to come up often, but thanks for the suggestion. I'll file it away in case I need it.

Thanks again!

Re: Scheduling a monthly job

That's what I figured and in most cases using Last day will work just fine. However, I do have a few cases where the desire is to schedule a job to run one or two days before the end of the month. That's how I fell into the 30th example and then realized the problem I was creating. Any further sugge...

Scheduling a monthly job

For a job setup in the scheduler to run on the 30th day of every month, what does it do in February? Does it run the job on the last day of February or does it skip running the job in February at all? Or does it do something else entirely?