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IF Condition File Name Pattern

I have an IF statement condition that I'm trying to put together that will look at a file name and determine if it has a specific pattern starting pattern. ex. File Name: 483_329_XP_STUFF_STUFF.xml So I'm looking for - ###_###_??*.xml This is what I have so far but its not working. ${StartsWith(Curr...

Re: Combine Filelist

I will go with your 1st suggestion then. Thanks for your response.


Combine Filelist

I am calling a FTP get task, 2x+, and downloads the file(s) to the local workspace. I could just run a get filelist on the local workspace to get a complete list of all files. Wondering if I could merge the filelist output from each time the FTP Task is called into 1 list.


Re: Sort file based on file prefix

My understanding is to rename the file I need to first assign the original name to a variable. I'm having difficulties getting this information from destination files variable. I've created a forEachLoop to go through the variable but I get the following error. [9008 - rename ] Attribute 'newName' m...

Re: Sort file based on file prefix

Thanks for the reply. In regards to the sort, I'm not sorting so the files are in a certain order. I'm sorting, moving, files into their respective temporary folder based on the prefix. Once in the folder I would remove the prefix and upload to customer. I was going to take the file list and loop th...

Sort file based on file prefix

I have x number of files that are being downloaded from an FTP server to the temp workspace. The prefix denotes which customer the file will need to be sent to. My plan was to sort the files by prefix into temporary folders with in the temp workspace. Once in their specific folder i need to remove t...