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Re: Error importing ASC key

Hello Libertydp, Do you know with what tool the key was generated? Although very rare, some utilities can produce improperly formatted headers within the key file that can cause issues with importing the key. It is usually related to incorrect carriage returns that some key generators produce that a...

Re: using merge with ASCII?

Kevin, Please provide more information. Is the source file in a library or in the IFS? Is the destination file a database file or a stream file? What process are you using to merge the data once it’s on the destination system? Is the file into which you’re merging the data a database or stream file?...

Re: Email task hanging

There should be no limitations on how large the file size is.

I will have our 5 star support team reach out to you so that we can take a more detailed look at your project and assist you further.

Re: Spreadsheet with two title lines...

If you need to dynamically build a spreadsheet with multiple heading rows here is another approach to consider. Pass along your variables to your project, and write all your header specific rows to a file (I'd recommend you use a workspace to store it). Then, when you get ready to write out the data...

Re: Email task hanging

Hello tammyr,

No separate step is required to 'end' an Retrieve Email task. Please provide us your project details as well as details on your email server so we can assist you further.

Thanks - Jon

Re: 'download failed' in SFTP Log

Do you have a sample log entry you can provide the details on to aid us with further investigation?

Any insight as to what type of file, file size, etc. as well as what client they used to download it?

Thanks - Jon

Re: Download Successful trigger.

Hello sreejith, To accomplish your goal you have two options. Option 1 Use the built in Trigger capabilities. This will give you all of the detail you wanted, you will just have to used the date on the email as your indication of when it happened. Simply setup a new Download Successful trigger for t...

Re: error decrypting

Hello demosocial, To clarify, you have an a file that was encrypted with a key pair elsewhere. You have been provided that trading partners public key and have imported that to your key ring. You are then trying to decrypt this file and it is stating that no matching keys existing in your keyring. P...

Re: Encrypting issues. What formats do I save files in ?

Hello Backspin, OpenPGP Studio is use to encrypt files for secure exchange with other entities such as trading partners. It is not intended for email message encryption/decryption. Based on what I gather you are trying to accomplish from your post, I have put together this diagram to show you at a h...