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Post by cfowler » Wed May 14, 2014 9:34 am
This may be a silly question but... As I understand it, the Session Timeout under HTTPS/AS2 Service Preferences (default of 300s) does not refer to idle time, it refers to the entire session length. For example, I've had users complain that if they are in the midst of uploading a large file - 2GB, they receive a session timeout message and have to try the upload again. Can someone confirm this for me please. It doesn't happen often but I've upped this value to 3600s (1hr) and it seems "odd" to me that this doesn't refer to idle time. Why have a session timeout when the client is in the middle of transferring a file. Some clients are still limited to 1 Mbps upload and have extremely large files to transfer.

Perhaps I'm not understanding the purpose behind this value? What do most people have this set to?




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Post by Support_Rick » Thu May 15, 2014 11:04 am

The Session Timeout is actually based on the Browser Activity while utilizing the WebClient. If the user is uploading a file and not performing any other tasks at the same time, then this threshold can be reached.

Depending on your version of GoAnywhere Services, if you are uploading a file and the session times out, the upload will complete successfully as long as there is some other activity going on.
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