SFTP "channel is not opened."

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Post by kgough » Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:18 am
We are using Director 4.7.0
We get lhe following error intermittently on connecting to SFTP server.
We can recover the next run, but is there a solution to stop the error?

3/9/16 3:15:34 AM ERROR [8098 - List Files at source] channel is not opened.
com.linoma.dpa.runtime.JobFailedException: [8098 - List Files at source] channel is not opened.
at com.linoma.dpa.runtime.Job.run(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.util.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.util.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
Caused by: com.linoma.dpa.ExecutionException: [8098 - List Files at source] channel is not opened.
at com.linoma.dpa.ProjectUtilities.getExecutionException(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.tasks.ftp.AbstractFTPTask.createFTPConnection(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.tasks.ftp.AbstractFTPTask.execute(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.ModuleV2.execute(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.Project.execute(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.runtime.Job.executeProject(Unknown Source)
... 4 more
Caused by: com.linoma.dpa.tasks.ftp.FTPInterfaceException: channel is not opened.
at com.linoma.dpa.tasks.ftp.SFTPImpl.connect(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.tasks.ftp.SFTPImpl.connectAndLogin(Unknown Source)
... 9 more
Caused by: com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: channel is not opened.
at com.jcraft.jsch.Channel.sendChannelOpen(Unknown Source)
at com.jcraft.jsch.Channel.connect(Unknown Source)
at com.jcraft.jsch.Channel.connect(Unknown Source)
at com.linoma.dpa.tasks.ftp.SFTPImpl.establishSFTPConnection(Unknown Source)
... 11 more

Thank you,


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Post by Support_Tim » Fri Mar 11, 2016 4:25 pm
Hi kgough,

For GoAnywhere to handle an intermittent connection problem to the SFTP server, the SSH Server Resource has the following two settings on the Connection tab.

Connection Retry Attempts
The number of times to retry the connection if it cannot be established. This setting is used for both the initial connection and any reconnect attempts due to lost connections. If left blank, then no retries will be attempted.

Connection Retry Interval
The number of seconds to wait between each connection retry attempt.

For instance, if you want GoAnywhere Director to retry the connection up to 10 times with a 5 second delay between retries, then specify 10 for the Connection Retry Attempts and 5 for the Connection Retry Interval.

To troubleshoot an intermittent connection failure, you should contact the remote server admin to see what is in the logs for the connection that failed. Be sure to provide them with a timestamp so they can find the correct connection attempt.

If a cause is not found on the remote SFTP server, then the issue is probably in between and you may be able to find something in the firewall logs, or but using a network "sniffer".


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Post by kgough » Fri Mar 11, 2016 4:53 pm
I read that I may want to disable reverse dns lookup on the remote server.
But the error is so infrequent that I am having a hard time replicating it.

I like the connection retry option.
Thank you!
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