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Post by Support_Julie » Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:17 pm
Our company owns an IBMi (AS/400). Is it possible to use GoAnywhere to send emails from a CL program?

GoAnywhere Director for the IBMi includes a series of Command Line Projects. These commands can be entered on the IBMi command line, placed in CL/HLL programs and used in job schedulers on the IBMi.

The added commands include:
  1. SFTP get/put
  2. OpenPGP encrypt/decrypt
  3. ZIP / UNZIP
  4. Send Email Message
To take advantage of these native commands, verify that you are at the version 3.5 or higher of GoAnywhere Director.

The GoAnywhere i5/OS commands can be found in the installation library, which is GOANYWHERE by default.

The supplied i5/OS commands are accessible from a main menu in the GoAnywhere library, which can be launched with the command:
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Before the native commands can be utilized, their underlying project must be created in GoAnywhere. To perform this initial Project creation, select option 1 from GAMENU4 (CRTCMDPRJ).

Also, check out our video for more information

iSeries Command Line Projects
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