Spanning session connections across the job

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Post by JonEBee » Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:31 pm
Is it possible to hold an FTP connection open through the length of a short job and have an single task SFTP connection in the middle? More precisely, enable two FTP connections at the same time, one for the duration of the job and the SFTP connection for a single task in between two of the FTP tasks?

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Post by Support_Philip » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:02 pm
By default, when the FTP task is finished, the connection with the server (session) will be disconnected and closed. When using an FTP Task in a Loop or as part of a multi-step workflow, the FTP session can be kept open and reused rather than closing and reopening the session for each FTP Task to the same server. To keep a session open or to hand off the open session to the next FTP task in a Project, use the Input Session ID and Output Session ID variables on the Advanced panel of the FTP Task. If this is the first FTP session in the Project and other tasks will use this connection, only specify the Output Session ID (for example, FTPSession). The next task that uses the session would specify ${FTPSession} in the Input Session ID field. When no additional tasks in the Project need the open session, it should be closed using the Close Session Task (using the Session ID value of ${FTPSession}).
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