System Alerts

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Post by Support_Rick » Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:37 pm
System Alerts

Ever have an SSL Certificate expire on you and bring your communication to a halt? I have …

What about system clustering changes over the weekend that need addressing? Yep! That too…

GoAnywhere MFT helps administer the product like notifying you when “things” happen with your MFT software. You can select to whom the notifications get sent based on administrator role definitions or implicit addressing.

System Alerts are found under the System Menu list:
System Alerts 01.png
*Note* System Alerts will utilize the system SMTP definition under the Global Settings | SMTP tab for access to Email Server for notifications.

If you have the Product Administrator Role, you can access the System Alerts to configure the system settings necessary for alerting based on:
  • Administration
    • Notify if GoAnywhere Started
    • Notify if GoAnywhere Stopped
    • Notify if the JVM Memory Threshold is Breached
    • Notify if the License Expiring
  • Web Users
    • Notify if a Web User is Disabled
  • SSL Certificates & PGP Keys
    • Notify if a Key or Certificate is expiring within “x” days
  • Triggers
    • Notify if a trigger fails
  • Gateway
    • Notify if the Gateway Connects
    • Notify if the Gateway Disconnects
  • Clustering
    • Notify if there is a change in Clustering Status
Initially, you will need to make sure that the Alerting Module is enabled. Alternatively, you can specify a pre-defined Email Subject Prefix that will show up in your email alerts identifying that the email is from GoAnywhere, alerting you of a potential issue or status change.
System Alerts 02.png
System Alerts 02.png (11.88 KiB) Viewed 5433 times
As an example, for Administrative Alerts, you could define your system to send notifications like the following:
System Alerts 03.png
Any GAMFT Admin User with the “Product Administrator” Role will automatically get notified if GoAnywhere is Shut Down or Started or if the JVM memory is less than a pre-determined threshold. In addition, the [email protected] and [email protected] will also get emails implicitly.

*Note* This is based on having the Admin User email defined within the Admin User setup and the Admin user having the Product Administrator Role

The next example is based on expiring SSL Certificates:
System Alerts 04.png
System Alerts 04.png (15.06 KiB) Viewed 5433 times
A pre-defined number of days is selected, and GoAnywhere will send the expiration notice to the “Key Manager” role Admins. There are no implicit emails defined in this example.

There are no “triggers” or “monitors” that must be defined or identified. GoAnywhere will automatically send these system alerts to the email addresses associated with the defined Admin User role, or the implicit email address for you.

You’ll find a peace of mind just knowing that GoAnywhere is watching out for you!


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