TIP: Resources in GoAnywhere MFT can be tested and reused

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Post by Support_Kara » Thu Jul 26, 2018 7:52 am
GoAnywhere MFT makes it easy to reuse the connection properties (called resources) to the servers that your project workflows use to transfer files and data. Commonly used resources can be (but aren’t limited to) databases, SFTP servers, and email servers, and reusing them will save you a lot of time. Just create the resource once, and then reuse it whenever needed.

Here’s a helpful shortcut for reusing resources in GoAnywhere:

1. Under the “Resource” menu, choose a resource.
2. Click Add <resource>.
3. Give the resource a meaningful name, then enter your communication’s specifications (Host, Port, UserID, Password, etc).
4. Click Test to verify that you can successfully communicate with your target system.
5. Once completed, save and close the resource.

Then, when creating an automated workflow, you can select your target resource from the drop-down within your project. GoAnywhere will automatically use the definitions you specified to make the connection.

You can learn more about resources by launching our in-product help. Click the “?” icon that appears on the toolbar in GoAnywhere MFT and navigate to “Resources.”
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